Saturday, 22 June 2013

The body of a dead mistress

This is a very interesting story that sent tremors in my veins...

A man (George) living in a distant area of a country takes a woman (Sheila) from another part of the land to make her his wife. She was one who loved her freedom which included being with who she wanted to be with, when she wanted to be with them. Sheila was not head over heels in love with George and was certainly not too happy about the idea of becoming any body's mistress but she went anyway. Nevertheless it wasn't long before she began to be unfaithful to him.  Eventually she made up her mind to return to her old homestead and began her journey without his knowledge.

When George found out that Sheila had left, he fancied that she needed some space and was confident that she would return so at that point he chose not to follow. After 4 months went by and Sheila still had not returned he decided to go and attempt to persuade her to return home.  He went back to her hometown and her former place of stay and there found her and her father who welcomed him with welcome arms.  George then preceded to convince Sheila of his undying love and successfully persuaded her to return home with him. His plans was to leave immediately, but his father in law asked that he stay for three days to rest and replenish before beginning his journey back home to which he complied.  So on the fourth day he got up early and prepared to leave, but again the girl's father convinced him to stay.  On the fifth day the father again attempted to convince George to stay again another night, but George was unwilling and took his wife and his things and headed out.

After travelling many miles, it started to get late, but rather than staying in in unfamiliar territory he proceeded to stop in a settlement where he knew that some of his old relatives were.  When he got there he went into the main part of the town, but did not immediately find any of his relatives or friend so his concern began to grow.  However, as evening approached, an older man from his father's day came and invited him to stay at his place until the morning.  He agreed and they proceeded to his house to go in for the evening.  It wasn't long after they had entered the house that there was a racket on the door and a group of men had surrounded the building. They pounded on the door and shouted to the old man who owned the house to bring the man out to them so that they can know him intimately.  The old man appalled by this act went to the door and said to them, "Listen my friends, don't be so wicked.  This man is my guest."  So Sheila went in the man's place along with another female from the old man's house and during the night the men did what they wanted with these women.

At daybreak Sheila returned to the house, fell down at the door and laid there until daylight where George found her in the morning. He encouraged here to get up so that they could be on their way, but there was no answer, Sheila was dead, so he lifted her up and set out for home.  When he got home, he laid Sheila's body on the table, took out his knife and proceeded to dissect her limb and bones into 12 pieces. These 12 pieces were packaged and shipped to 12 regions telling the nations his story and what had happened to his wife. Gory but true. Further details and the conclusion of the whole matter can be found in the book of Judges 19:29-30 and Chapter 20 in the bible.

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